Bobcat 753 Manual

The steering linkage needs adjustment. Checkall parts forwearordamage. Lowertheliftarmsand tilttheBob-Tachfullyback. Failure to obey can cause serious injury.

Adjust the low pressure setting before adjustingthehighpressuresetting. Makesurethegrommetsonthelinkagebars areinstalledcorrectlyandthatthetiltandliftlinkagebars willnotbind duetointerferencebetweenthepaneland linkagebars. Move the tilt pedal to release the hydraulic pressure.

If messages are now received at the tool, the displayistheproblem. Testboth leversbymovingthem backwardandforward and letting them return to neutral by the return spring force.

Failure to doso can causeinjuryordeath. Failure to follow instructions can cause injury or death. Raise the seat bar and unfasten the seat belt. The tread bars of all the tires must face the same direction. Check rim and tire bead for damage.

Itis a part ofthe loader and must stay withthe machine when it is sold. During installation be sure to keep the interlock pressed against the loader frame so the plastic washers on each side of the interlock top and bottom do not fall out. Notethelocationofthehosesandtubelines beforeremoval. Failure to use jackstands can allow the machine to fall or move and cause injury or death. Repeat the procedure for the right hand side linkage.

Checkfuel and hydraulictubes, hosesandfittingsfordamageand leakage. Keepheat, flames, sparksorlighted tobacco away from fuel and oil. Clean the main relief valve in clean solvent. Installthesealcarrierinstallationtoolintothesealcarrier housing.

Operate the loaderandcheck allfunctions. The rest of the fluid is directed through the orifice in the flow-control spool I and on to the return port of the control valve. Tighten the retainer bolt to ft. Move the left steering lever until the tires do not turn neutral. Push the axle out until the ram is at the end of the stroke.

Toxicdustandgas A can beproduced. Flyingdebrisorloosematerial ispresent.

Bobcat 753 manual

Lower the lift arms slowly until the support device is held between the lift arm and the lift cylinder. CoolantLevel Open the rear door. Watch the flow meter on the hydraulic tester to be sure the flow is correct. Installtheclevisinthesecondholefromthe toponthebellcrankforthetiltlinkage. It is necessary to do maintenance on this spark arrestor muffler to keep it in working condition.

Push the pintle bar against the pintle arm lobes. Ifnoflowisindicatedonthe tester, thehosesareconnected wrong. Inspectforfuel, oilorhydraulic fluid leaks.

TubelinesandHoses Replaceanytubelinesthatarebentor flattened. It may be necessary to hold the plastic washers with an O-ring pick or small screwdriver.

Bobcat Manual

When all spools of the control valve. See Page A for the correct proceduretocheckthesetting.

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TheBobcatloaderisbase-equippedwithstandardoperatorcab asshown. Step-by-step instruction, diagrams, and schematic shows how troubleshoot and fix your bobcat machine easily. See your Bobcat loader dealer for the correct shoulder bolt. Follow warnings and instructions in the manuals when making repairs, manager tweak adjustmenfs or servicing.

Replacethe partsonlywithgenuineMelroeparts. These check valves prevent drift of any attachment. Installthe plateand nut bothsides. Check the conditionoftheelement. ExcessivepressureWillcause permanent to the hydraulic pump.

Bobcat 753 manual

Make sure all sealing surfaces are free of dirt and debris. UseonlygenuineMelroe replacementparts. Theremustbe nomotionoftheliftarmsortilt bucket whenthepedals arepushed.

Follow warnings and instructions in the manuals when making repairs, adjustments or servicing. Follow warningsandinstructionsinthemanualswhen making repairs, adjustments or servicing. Markthe hoses for correct installation. Loosen thejamnutandinstallthefitting. The linkageandthecentering plate mustbe readjusted forneutralafterthecomponentshavebeenreassembled.

Failure to follow instructions can causeinjuryordeath. The fluid flow from the flow-control spool.

Install the new drive belt. Roll the Bob-Tach fully back. The case drain fluid from the right motor.

Failure to use care around combustibles can cause explosion or fire which can result in injury or death. Turn the adjusting screw in orout until the pressure is correct.

Bobcat 753 Manual

Bobcat 753 manual