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The sultan is a bit unhappy with you for letting her perform. You are meeting against with the officials.

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However, he is uncertain which pet to see because he doesn't want to anger his wives. This means number of tricks, type of tricks, what effects and music are paired with each trick and the overall structure of the show. Also if you have an active task it will appear as a sealed envelope right above Buddy. You need hard tricks, difficult training and everything combined with music and effects.

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No discussions open for Circus Empire at the moment. This is a very large full version game. Some only last the specific time period, others are full day rest periods. Hopefully this has made gameplay a bit more entertaining for you.

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Also build toilets and a hamburger stall. However, he has good stats and trains quickly. You will be expected to customize shows for them. Expanded information in other sections.

New Effects are available for purchase. Unfortunately she tends to speak a bit too harshly to others and angers them.

Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions. Like the other two she suffers quite a bit from low stamina, but she can star due to some good tricks.

They offer to help, but you say that their attendance was gift enough. Luxury Drink Stall, Fast Food. Create a show with at least Art and Thrill points and no failures. The show must be flawless. She has a great bonus although she starts with no skills.

Jaffer meets with the sultan and isn't all that happy with the dress rehearsal. On this screen you can see what your performers are doing for the day. Its your friends from the Orient campaign. Jaffar shows up and once again is upset. Ask a question Start a discussion.

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He is convinced that he must drive away your customers so that the circus dies out. New Building becomes available.

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Salma disappears from your performer roster at this time. You talk to Hassan who suggests a march through town, and then reveals that he could be in a lot of trouble if the Vizier figures out that he helped you.

You then switch to the daily plan screen where you can plan for the day. The people want to see a good show with bears.

Guides Cheats Answers Forums. New performers become available. Read the pages not for the first day.

He asks the officials to provide a certification that the circus is clean, desktop video recorder windows 7 and the number for the person who accused you. At this point you can move about your new circus. Ringling Brothers Circus U. Circus Empire Game Walkthrough. Marriage and what it brings under construction Marriage to a female performer is possible in Circus Empire.

The following is a list of both circuses and their country of origin. Once again the cinema is challenging you. Most will be out for weeks and will need some retraining when they do recover. The options are Rest, Train, or Perform. Shows you talking about finding a perfect place for your circus in a small country in the Middle East.

You talk to Buddy about how you aren't getting an audience and are losing money rapidly. The screen has a timeclock on the upper right part of the screen. He wants to become the owner of the circus without paying for it, basically claiming that you owe so much that he can just do it.