Cone Designs For Hands

Keep your focus and patience and that will make things even simpler for you. In country of India, applying the henna tattoos to the bride will suppose to give her good fortune. Then make a dot beside it, joining the two ends as you finish it. The outer shapes or the long Vine branches are made out of the black mehndi.

Despite how hard it looks like, this mehndi is easy to make once you understand how it works. These are nothing but flowers and leaves forming blocks and spiralled circles filling whatever gaps are there. Instead, michael connelly books parts of the palm have been filled with intricate detailing and then outlined with a uniform leaf outline on all the three parts.

Step 1 The Basics of Applying Henna

But when you are working on skin, then it will definitely leave its color. So at this stage, start from the base of index finger. After this, darken the borders of ones you plan on leaving empty alternatively and add fish like scales to the rest.

How to Apply Henna (Mehndi) on Your Hands

Some of them include array of flowers and leaves. On the other side of hand, the color is much lighter and then on arm it gets lighter. It is so traditionally made and will go for all occasions. The weddings in subcontinent of India would be unfinished without Mehndi ceremony.

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You can use several flowers to fill your hands. Opt to include dangling chains.

You can carry on with your activities independently. Peacock feathers are colorful.

Do remember to link all the motifs together using a common line or another common motif like done here. As a beginner, your hand will keep shivering, the lines will be wavy and it will be messy. You can elaborate your question marks by adding a few dots. You can shade the petals of the lotus too for further detailing.

Of course, it is inevitable that the mehndi in itself looks so easy to make and so gorgeous. Why let go of all that fun and waste time on a harder to master henna art? The fascinating beauty of a feather can be really eye-catching, especially if you include different colors. After the palm is completed, come towards remaining fingers, starting from the middle one to the pinky. Flowers are very finely detailed with shading the petals too.

Cone designs for hands

If you have still promised your best friend that you will do the mehndi for her it is always good to be safe and try all the possible tricks. It will be black in the beginning and hard too, keep squeezing it until the mixture comes out of light color and is soft.

Take out the pin from the cone when you are using it and keep it in someplace safe. And do not forget to put it back in the cone when you have done working. Glitter cones are available in different colors. Your artist can use different types of flowers to fill your hands. Then keep your hands away from the water as it is water-soluble so not to ruin your work!

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As a beginner it will be difficult for you to decide that from where you should start applying henna. Your focus should remain on your palm motif, and you will end up perfecting the henna. The fingers and wrist have more of a leafy pattern, which gives a different trendy approach to the mehndi. Next, place the spirals and on the end add a dot. Make filaments in the center with thin lines.

However, the basic idea is to make the same circle with different circumferences as you go down the line towards your wrist. As you start applying, the tip keeps on get messy, so keep cleaning it with tissue paper. It is most suited for occasions like Rakhi or Eid or even small family gatherings. You have to start from the farthest place and come to nearest.

Now you have learnt how to squeeze, clean and hold the cone. It is given a branch type of look with several small leaves coming out of the branches. Try making the circle as round as possible and that your job is half done.

This way you will get hold on the cone and the pressure exert on it. Then center of the hand to the index finger. Lay a sheet of clear glass on it to cover it completely. In the back palm portion, a big flower is created which is then finely detailed with either minute patterns or they are kept simply shaded.

All of them are named after geographies. When you are going somewhere, apply glitter one hour earlier and let it dry completely as it takes longer time to dry. Mehndi has a very special place in our hearts because of its simplicity and unique nature. By creativegirlz JustUsGirlz Follow. This process will create more darker and intense color.

Cone designs for hands

How to Apply Henna (Mehndi) on Your Hands 7 Steps

These can be long or short but talking specifically about this type they are always vertical. It is easy to apply and very beautiful to look at especially with some quirky nail art. You can go around making it like a ring.

All you need to know is how to grasp a cone, which may require some efforts perfectly but that is it if you know how to use a cone this flower-based henna will be very easy for you. Fingertips have been fully covered with s-shaped dots and the nails are painted matching to the outfit. Make another just like it beside it and join at the end, not pointed but blunt. Just a few betel-nut leaves have been used in the lower portion.

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Make sure you have covered all the lines you had made with your sketch pens otherwise it will look bad. Your email address will not be published. It is just as easy to make as it looks. If you are looking strictly online. Here is a video on How to apply Henna on Hand.

Cone designs for hands

Let it dry for the next use or wipe it with tissue paper if henna is not completely dried. The fact that it wears off is great. You can also make very small petals around the outer circumference of the outermost circle for an elegant look. Sometimes, it happens when the henna is expired so make sure to use the fresh one.