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Dating guitar amp transformers, velvet Black - Models

Probably the same as the pots and transformers that we just dug out of the boxes. And now for an important update! Likewise there are some serial numbers with an extra digit usually a zero after the letter prefix. Although his job was somewhat limited, his recollections provided some really fascinating insights to how the amps were built. It is in fact so simple that we recommend everyone to try it.

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Velvet Black - Models

Large overlaps in years may be due to lack of sufficient data late s to mid s or simply that the stamped chassis were used way out sequence mid s to early s. With tubes, you'll get about W from the Custom Special. This will help the tube deal with the high voltages. The bias is in fact adjusted continuously according to how much power the tubes are delivering and how much current is flowing from the cathode to ground. This is the kind of amp you could throw in the van and boogie.

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Well I'm not one to leave you out in the informational cold, so here's something that I use quite often in dating amplifiers and electric guitars. The following charts are the revised dating tables for Fender tube amps. In addition, wicd not validating authentication error the dating-by-serial number tables have been revised and are more accurate.

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Advances have been made with regards to the production of tolex amps and it appears that much of this information can be applied to late s tweed amps as well. But other changes may be meant to deceive. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but still plausible.

Superior Music - Fender Amp, Amplifier Serial Numbers

Ampeg had these on many amps. If you see one of these cabs that's the reason for the threaded insert on top. Having a fixed bias means, contradictionary perhaps, that you need adjust the bias current or voltage by using a bias pot. The bottom line is to do your homework or enlist the aid of an expert.

Paul Linden has volunteered to fill in for Greg. At the Fender factory they used old tube charts when new models came, probably because the tube layout was the same.

It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone. And many people ask me to try and determine the year of their old amplifier, or to help them with the year of their older off-brand electric guitar. The Australian Fender Distributor then installed V - V stepdown transformers in the bottom of the cabinets. The tube plates have never shown any red, and the transformers barely even get warm to the touch.

If so, read more about the cap in the next bullet point. The amp disappeared after a show one night and I was heart broken. The amp fit the bill for a power trio when you needed to fill the hall. Converting to cathode bias in the blackface and silverface Bassman circuits, and other Fender amps with fixed bias, is very simple.

How Fender amps work

Personally we prefer cathode bias in big, powerful amps with big transformers where you have more than enough power and attack. Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.

Because the serial numbers are for a particular model and that chassis were stamped sequentially, is reasonable to assume that the serial number infers the Nth unit manufactured. If one experiences more noise with pulling one tube, we suggest to put it back. Of course this all assumes the pot or speaker is original. The speaker is the most important component in your amp which physically produces the air waves that your ears detect as a tone. In terms of tone this means that the clean headroom is reduced and most importantly, you get more compression and sag at both clean and cranked volume levels.

You have to make that call. On popular Fender models, the pot date can be very close to the actual date of the instrument. There is no way to separate out production for these models, but with enough data, we might be able to do some frequency distribution and such to determine a rough estimate.

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Greg and I also disagree about determining production from serial numbers. There is less attack and a more sweet and forgiving tone.

They actually held clipboards and stopwatches to measure how long it took for me to attach various parts. If you are interested in owning this amplifier, you'll need to find a technician first or be a techy yourself. We recommend a closed or semiclosed speaker cabinet for this setting. No negative feedback at all.

Unlike serial numbers used for most Fender guitars and basses, we know that serial number sequences are unique to a particular model or a family of models of amplifiers. It's more power than any right thinking guitarist would ever want.

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Interest in vintage Fender amps really took hold about years ago. Pete had a good thing goin for him.

There are no effects in this head, but stomp boxes work just fine. It makes the amp cleaner and more stable. You may choose to implement the mod in several ways and in various combinations with the ground switch or a foot pedal. This seems silly, as we're talking about electronic parts not eggs.