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There are those who are everyday buyer and like to collect all of the basic Chuck Taylors that can be found at the local malls. Purchase chucks, shoelaces, clothing and books about chucks.

It was in that the Converse Rubber Corporation opened for business. Cotton laces are utilized, they are thinner than the nylon laces. Attach any photos in jpeg or tiff format.

Nor is it made by Fila, Reebok, New Balance, or adidas. They were also seen in early gangster rap and hip hop culture. There are also some differences on the outside of the shoe. Denser sole made of one solid piece.

Converse decided that it would release a reproduction of the Chuck Taylor based on their early s Chuck Taylor models under their First string division. Starting in the s, athletic shoes became so popular as footwear that adults refused to give up wearing them.

The boom of new athletic shoe competitors such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok took its toll on the company. These rival companies introduced new models with new colored looks, all leather uppers, and high tech innovations like pumps and air cells. The inside pattern and lettering has changed several times since then.

Lots of changes began to occur in the athletic shoe industry. However the Vintage Chuck community would likely pass on this release. See our article and photo galleries on the Evolution of the Chuck Taylor for more information about vintage chucks. They are actually stitched to extra material on the the inside of the shoes, separate from the lining. The first white model was introduced at the Olympics, a predecessor to today's optical white high top.

Some vintage heel patches. Extra material sewn inside of shoe for reinforcement.

But eventually the company decided it was more efficient to keep their work force employed year round, and began making athletic shoes. Thousands of pairs of high top and low cut chucks are still sold each week worldwide. Underneath the star is a trademark symbol circled R and the words Made in U. New rival companies stepped in, spearheaded by the Nike Corporation, and began to chip away at the market share and influence of Converse. Contact a licensed appraiser for that type of information.

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Everyone wanted the look and feel of sneakers on their feet. They can be seen in the s punk scene with the Ramones to the early s grunge scene with Nirvana. The midsoles and toecaps on the Repros were given a glaze, probably to make them look nicer.

There are many photos of vintage chucks in our collectors gallery also. Vintage black high tops shown with their original box. Vintage black low cut chucks.

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Thick canvas heel sewn inside of shoe for reinforcement and comfort. An off white midsole and toecap was used for the Repros. The All Star was to be the first mass produced basketball shoe in North America.

Converse responded by manufacturing chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups. In the company started manufacturing athletic tennis shoes and in they introduced the Converse All-Star basketball shoe. Converse lost much of its monopoly in the sneaker market in the s. Throughout his career with Converse, Taylor traveled all across the United States hosting basketball clinics and promoting the All Star shoe. With the popularity of basketball, is skandar keynes dating georgie henley the Converse Corporation saw the need to develop a shoe that people could wear while playing basketball.

Finally the black labels on both the Repros and Vintage Chucks are subtly different. Vintage Chucks Vintage chucks had a name label printed inside the tongue.

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They are made of one sold piece and the rubber is much denser. However unbeknownst to many fans, the All Star has underwent many changes throughout its century of existence under Converse. In the s, Converse All Stars were made in all black canvas or leather versions. There can be said to be three distinctive communities built on Converse. Aluminum eyelets are present, the air vents on the sides of the repros are further apart than on the newer Chucks.

The bumper is twice as thick on the Repros than the newer Chucks. These changes and bad business decisions along with their loss of market share took its toll on the company, and in they filed for bankruptcy. The newly revised edition of Chucks! Unlike the newer Chuck Taylor models these s Reproductions are actually practical to play basketball in, as they were still being used as basketball shoes during that time period. The All Star shoe originally came in natural brown colors with black trim.

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