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Decision Points by George W. Bush

But then it starts out as a typical memoir, just super not chronological. Here's a quote relating to the last paragraph. He invited several of the them to the White House. Also, I didn't know that Bush couldn't send in troops after Katrina without a request from the Louisiana Governer who was inept and couldn't make that decision. Many people most people I know, quite honestly!

Decis In this candid and gripping account, President George W. President Bush states at the beginning that this book is not a typical memoir but will just focus on his big decisions in his office as President. Time is the true test of a President and a memoir. However, I'm pretty confident that not one among you cares what I think about these past events. It was enlightening to me to hear more about why he did what he did.

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So had fourth-grade reading scores. Will this book make me change my political beliefs one way or another? It encouraged me to be a better person. The media always has its head up its ass. Finally finished and the best thing about reading this book is that he answers his critics and does it with intelligence and grace.

By the time I left office, fourth- and eight-grade math scores had reached their highest levels in history. In a normal environment, the free market would render its judgment and they could fail. The Daily Telegraph ran a negative review by journalist Mick Brown. That would reduce the risk of sudden failure and free up more money for banks to lend. You do not have to agree with him.

Decision Points

This reading voice causes him to e-nun-ci-ate words more e. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, eight million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world. He freely admits that he made some mistakes, and points out several of them.

Decision Points does a good job of elucidating President Bush's thought process. Decision Points is a memoir by former U. This book is like President Bush when he went off script during press conferences.

We presented him with a uniamious Security Council resolution. He will deploy them, and he will use them. He previously served as Governor of Texas. Bush also talked about the election in detail and mentioned that he thought he had lost until Karl Rove called to say that Florida was too close to call.

It's a book that delivers exactly what it promises, and it's well written. He made them with the fate of the American people in mind. Keep jumping on the I hate Bush band wagon with no idea why other then you are against the war.

And pick a good president next time around. The person opening the letter must have been shocked. This a power piece of history and story that touches my son and I.

He seemed like a guy I'd like to know personally and someone I would trust to run our country. It felt like it was taking forever. In the end this is a book not to be missed. Some times the media has its head up its ass. The first inaugural protests focused on how he had lost both the popular vote and probably also the electoral votes.

And when people are given the choice, they choose freedom. An excellent journey of learning for us both.

What President Bush has done here is present his life mostly his life as the President of the United States as a series of crises that required a decision. That was natural and desirable. Ultimately, I was disappointed in the outcome and I know realize that I should have changed my tactics but not the overall plan. At any rate, we learn a lot about the man himself with this book. Although not a fan of his politics, I was taken aback at the frankness of the president's memoir.

It never fails to amaze me that no matter how rancorous the fight all parties eventually allow it to end peacefully. But this was not a normal environment. First I have to disclose that I am a major fan of this president and all the morals he stands for. He even led the way to a Democrat president that would further expand an already intrusive government and impede a recovery.

The discussions on freedom, etc. Did it change my mind about some of his policies? One issue that seems present not only in the Katrina disaster but in Republican policies in general, is a lack of recognition of the particular problems of poor people. Here is a man who had values and principles and stuck to them to the best of his ability.

He admits there were some decisions he made that were wrong. In the book, Bush described his moral dilemma over stem-cell research. Abstinence, Be faithful, or else use a Condom.

Some decisions that completely baffled me when he made them are now much clearer. Even when I was in fierce disagreement it was fascinating to watch the decisions unfold. While no book is perfect or complete, tamilwire tamil video songs I really enjoyed Decision Points.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He states that a few months before the end of his term his administration planned a strategy of sending more troops to Afghanistan and increasing drone strikes on Pakistan.

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It was enlightening to read of his decision making processes in each case. Ironically, both sides charged that we were imposing our values - religious fundamentalism if you asked one camp, sexual permissiveness if you asked the other.