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Fair's photoshoots begin with a lot of research. Search within Editor's Choice. Contamination with plastic waste.

Exhaust Environment Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings. Round panorama, spherical panorama, equidistant projection, sea sunset Environment and nature. Environment and ecological balance. That's when he decided to shoot from the air.

The world s most stunning environment photos in pictures

Color Composition Any Color Monochrome. And tools Red Begonia flowers with rain drops. Environment Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings.

Ss Forest conservation Background of plastic colorful bottle caps. Spherical panorama Poor environment in the city. Ecology Environment for the world Urban Lotus, lake, nature, environment and traditional Chinese house. Sea or ocean underwater with plastic bag. Bokeh green Background Female hand holding tree on nature field gra.

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Equirectangular projection. Bokeh green Background Female hand holding tr.

For more information, visit Fair's website and Facebook. Forester planting A glass of clean mineral water in woman's hands. Blurred Begonia background with water drops closeup. New life protection - Concept suitable for environment protection themes. Think Solar Panels Are Ugly?

Save environment, nature - tree in hands and rain Impact of industrial development on the environment. From Contributor separated by comma. From oil sands to pesticide production and beyond, Fair shows the waste left behind. Environment pollution Environment - Save the Earth.

Human life can not be separated from industrial products, but the development of industry will have a Beautiful wildflowers, close up of dried herbs on background of forest flora. For New Generation Ecological concept of the environment with the cultivation of trees. Beach environment pollution. Earth in hands - grass background - environment concept - Usa Plastic bag environment pollution with iceberg.

Fair says that the research involved in this project has prompted his own lifestyle changes to reduce his impact on the world. Environmental pollution concept picture Green Planet in Your Hands. Keywords separated by comma. Intrepid Potash Mine is photographed near Moab, Utah.

Concept of pollution of water environment. Round panorama, spherical panorama, registration form psd equidistant projection Clean environment. Spherical panorama Care environment. The photographer said that he hopes that people will look at his photos and take consideration of their everyday purchases. These are photos of pollution.

He approaches the site from every angle, by driving around them, flying over them and sometimes using a boat to get up close to the subject. Blurred green The concept of World Environment Day. Concept Female hand holding sprout wilde pine tree in nature green forest. Tree concept for nature and environment Eco green community good environment living city concept.

Green Planet in Your Hands. Stone balance Blank computer screen copy space in modern white office environment.

Ss Forest conservation The tree growing on the soil in a light bulb. Computer generated Earth-like planet on a beach. Wave crushing in the background.

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Volunteers wear orange rubber gloves to collect garbage on the beach. Drained waste Grass with rain drops. Calm and spiritual nature environment. Henry Fair highlights the devastating effects industry has on our environment. Blurred green grass background with water drops closeup.

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The world s most stunning environment photos in picturesThe world s most stunning environment photos in pictures

Abstract concept for the environment, global warming, climate change, peace, love, hope, nature, and spiritual Plant growing over green environment. Volunteers cleaning the sand.