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Yuuto awakened, nearly having no recollection of his time as Tiga but was praised by his mother, something that he had yearned for. Ultraman Next resembled a lifelike insectoid version of Nexus with insect-like body armor and organic tissue-like skin underneath. The Blue Planet Cosmos vs. He suffers no ill effects other than strange images briefly playing out in his mind.

Xio members celebrated Daichi's return from his monster observation in Australia, though the party was interrupted by deputy captain Sayuri, who chastised them for eating during the job. Two kaijus, a Gubila and a Gomess later surfaced and begin to attack Team U's base. The relic's crust peels off and reveal its true form, resonating with the blue stone and the X Devizer. Team U later approaches with their exo-suits and revealing the boy's name as Takeru. With the three monsters approaching Carlos Communication, an evacuation is finally held.

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This article is about the film, for the character see Ultraman Saga character. List of Ultraman X characters. After inspecting Tiga's statue, Guruman decided to create Cyber Cards based on the giant and the original Ultraman. Taiga soon finds himself in another world, in the apocalyptic version of Tokyo, avg antivirus 2016 for pc as Ultraman Zero battles a huge fleet of alien spaceships. Daichi transformed into X and buy the others some time to escape.

Rui takes Yuuto to a tour within the Lab Team's department and meets Dr. Suddenly, the disk appears and summon its familiars to attack Zero.

Theatrical release poster. This section needs expansion. Unleash the Beta Spark Armor! Takeru handed over it to the Team U leader which she rides on an exo-suit and flight it towards Dyna's corpse. The movie begins with a powerful apocalyptic vision of Tokyo, buildings destroyed and the city seemingly devoid of life.

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The others celebrates the X's victory and the Ultra Warriors regroup for a moment before leaving. Fix this by removing the plagiarism. Takeru and the others escort the Team U leader out of the wrecked exosuit only to find out that she died.

Ultraman Saga (film)

As Zaigorg approaches, she orders them to leave her but Yuuto's desire to save his mother allows his relic to give him the strength needed to lift the steel beam. The blue stone reacts, summoned the original Ultraman and all three giants and Xio members join forces against Zaigorg and its monsters.

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Rui brought X, Yuuto and the relic under Guruman's orders before joining Xio members in against Zaigorg as well. This section needs an improved plot summary.

Ultraman The Next

The Cyber Cards of past Ultra Warriors resonated and summoned all of them to fight Tsurugi Demaaga in different portions of the world. Dyna revives and assist Zero to destroy Zetton while reviving Cosmos. Hyper Zetton crushing the Ultras, and Ultraman Saga on the right.

Mv Ultraman Cosmos Blue Planet MP3 Video MP4 & 3GP - Stafaband

At the headquarters, Xio members celebrates their victory but X returned to them explains that the Earth will be under attack by Desastro, a monster from Centaurus Constellation. Taiga later gains consciousness and starts to watch Zero fighting the minions.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Unfortunately, his duties distance himself from his wife, Yoko, who feels neglected, and his son, Tsugumu, who has a possibly terminal congenital blood disease. But the seal has lifted and Tsukasa blames herself for not being able to stop Carlos. Cosmos reverts to his human form and introduce himself as Musashi Haruno. Saga throws him to the space and punches Hyper Zetton which also kills Bat.

The scene later moves to the same abandoned city on Earth, where Zero wondering what happened to the civilians while standing on the top of a building. Maki decides to quit the Air Force to devote more time to his family and to spend whatever time is left with his son.

While Taiga drinks, Zero communicates with Taiga as orders Zero to get out from his body but Zero quickly explains that his fusion with Taiga had made him more of Taiga's life support system. The Belial Galactic Empire. Ultraman Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai!

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