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Communication makes everything better, so be honest and be kind. In an age where we have sloughed off using relationship labels and begun to rely almost exclusively on the internet to create meaningful relationships, we have set ourselves up for this. So we treat that person with kindness and respect. But it comes with a harsh side effect.

Not only will you lose her potential friendship, you will definitely get a bad reputation. The low barrier of communication means we may have chatted with them for a few weeks before finally getting together for coffee. And this is really at the heart of the issue. Call her and tell her the truth, wish her well and hang up. It is a broken system and I not-so-secretly despise it.

In a small city like Portland, this is freaking awesome. That guy is not responsible for your feelings.

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To share your story or experiences with dating in Portland email her at emily emilystraubel. But if you slowly ignore her and keep her hanging on the line, you will become the jerk you are trying not to be. The fadeaway is a very specific breakup technique used equally by men and women, jenna marbles hook up lines although men are notoriously terrible about managing the blowback.

That conversation would be really awkward and they would sound so mean, right? Usually this happens right after a fantastic weekend away together or after having a great conversation about the future.

But I guarantee that telling her the truth and letting her move on is soooooo much better. And this town is too small for that.

They show up to our coffee date nervous and shy. Know the difference between a date and a relationship This one is for the ladies.

They would hate you forever. This accountability is important. She will call you a dick and you will laugh about it later when you are friends again. Allow me to clear things up. They just want everything to be cool, man!

Most people who use the fadeaway are not assholes. So how do we fix the problem?