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These names include ideas like Barbell, Barbarian, Toughman and Bouncer. Ideas that match it's personality. The eye teeth of canines are called fangs and are the teeth used to give the deepest, tearing bites. It refers to violent, threatening actions.

Names like Napoleon, Winston and Henry are names that sound distinguished and fancy while suggesting a slight tone of royalty. This is the name of a tough fantasy lady princess warrior and would be perfect for a large female guard pet. It resulted in quite a few scratches, but over time, allopatric and sympatric speciation yahoo dating Jason calmed down and went from violent to just crotchety.

This is a term for a type of knife, usually short and easily hidden but deadly and reflects perfectly a protective canine. While we probably should have named him Freddy as in Kruger, Jason suited him just fine.

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Regardless of the reason, the tough naming suggestions and lists below them are ideas that we felt would make any pup loom larger regardless of their physique or personality. He was a grumpy orange tabby who liked to jump out of doorways and claw at us. This word reflects the actions an intruder can expect from your companion if it feels threatened in any way. This tough sounding choice reflects that your pal knows how to use those teeth well. Powerful and destructive as in.

These are names that can be very useful for larger males as a means of showing off how powerful they are and how tough and intimidating they can be. These are names that are masculine in sound and can suggest domination over others. Names that suggest strength can be useful as well. These foreign names can be ones that sound like royalty. These names are not weak in sound but rather strong and impressive.