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Hey, you think you'll freeze to death out there? Wilhelm, Nisha, Athena, Claptrap, Aurelia, and one of his own body doubles.

The bandits'll get you first. He held the delusions that he was the hero of the story, as he would be hailed as the savior. Afterwards, Rhys finds a desperate Jack in the wreckage and is forcibly reconnected with him.

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He then tries to find other vault hunters in order to lure them into his sphere of influence, showing a need for them. Jack uses the artifact and gains knowledge of a powerful Warrior sealed in Pandora that will obey whoever unseals it. He covers this up with a mask nearly identical to his former face, sans scar. With Angel's help, the Hunters destroy the Eridium injectors and in the process kill her. Once there, Jack asks Rhys to plug Jack into the Hyperion computers, allowing him to take over again and for them to rule Hyperion together.

Under his jacket he has a brown vest with a white collared shirt underneath it. Under the vest and collared shirt he wears a partially tucked in yellow shirt, presumably the one from the Pre-Sequel.

Handsome Jack then began operations on Pandora to carry out his vengeance. Defeated, Handsome Jack is killed by the vault hunters. This however would eventually be the beginning of the end for Handsome Jack as vault hunters don't die so easily. This would culminate into a showdown between Handsome Jack and the vault hunters. After the events of the Pre-Sequel, rsvp online dating login Jack is left with a not-so-handsome scar in the shape of the vault symbol.

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On his right hand he has a glove that is missing a piece on the pointer finger, and on the left a watch. Although Jack initially spares the Meriff, the Meriff attempts to kill him when his back is turned, leading Jack to decide that mercy is a weakness. Jack then orders the vault hunters he hired to go after the vault on Elpis.

He still has a watch on his left wrist, but loses both the wrist lasers and glove, now having a tribal tattoo on his right wrist. After the vault is opened and the Destroyer was defeated, he managed to persuade his superiors to build the Helios space station in order to keep watch on Pandora. He trades in boots for brown sneakers with a yellow stripe down each side. He now has grey pants, but still has a gun holster on his right thigh. It has five small metal clamps holding it in place, one on each temple, one in front of each ear, and one on his chin.

So, how's your day been buddy? However, at the end of his life, he can be killed by either the Vault Hunters or Lilith. While taking in this information, Lilith arrives and destroys the artifact, scarring Jack's face in the process.

Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betrayed Jack in order to prevent him from getting too powerful. Appearance Before the events of Pre-Sequel, Jack wears a brown suit jacket with the cuffs rolled back.

This moment is meant to be the first time Jack becomes a serious threat in the game. After the events of Pre-Sequel, Jack wears a gray jacket with the sleeves rolled up. It appears to have long sleeves that go past his elbows. The collared shirt is unbuttoned and goes down to his knees.

He also rescinded the bounty place on the vault hunters sent to stop him, so that he could kill them himself. They enter the Vault, kill the Eridian guardian, and discover an ancient artifact. Over his jacket he wears a hexagonal pocket watch. He has a green left eye and a blue right eye, as well as soul patch. During this time, he killed those who were assisting the Lost Legion or suspected of doing so.