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We also feature oriental instrumental music, with exotic instruments and harmonies to encourage inner balance and wellness. Geisha Instrumental Japanese Music Album. The ideal smooth and cool music to relax and chill to is ambient and chillout lounge music. Buddha Tribe Relaxing Instrumental Music. Ultimate Relaxation Music Album.

Beautiful Instrumental Music Album. Nature Meditation Music Album. Listen to our study music with alpha brain waves while studying for your next exam, for a better education and higher grades.

Heavenly Relaxation Music Album. In other words, playing relaxation music regularly will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Our serene music is mainly comprised of soft Zen spa music with harmonies and melodies from east Asia, like Chinese flute music, with gentle nature sounds of bamboo water fountains. Please confirm, if you accept our tracking cookies. Let the soothing sounds of water, like rain, ocean waves and waterfalls help you reach a state of bliss.

Playing easy listening music affects the wellbeing of the listener in several positive ways. Delta Waves Sleep Music Album. Who has not been moved by the romantic nocturns by the master pianist Chopin, or the incredible concertos by the musical genius Mozart? Enjoy our instrumental music with popular instruments like piano, harp, guitar and flute for recreation and wellbeing. Perfect for yoga sessions.

Meditation Music For Sleep 1 Hour

Space Ambient Lounge Music Album. The easy listening music works great as background sound during home parties and at easy-going clubs and bars. Thunderstorm and Ethereal Music Fusion.

If you wish during meditation to reach a blissful meditative state and inner peace, then theta brain waves will encourage such a state and inner bliss. Relax, rest and fall asleep to unique delta deep sleep music, soothing sounds for a better sleep. Playing relaxation music before and during bedtime as a sleep aid is getting quite common today. Our beautiful spa music includes soft instrumental music, and we use only the most relaxing popular instruments like guitar, piano and Native American flute.

Sleeping music download mp3

Brings my inner peace out! All nature sounds in this website are natural sounds recorded by us, we do not use artificial sounds only real sounds from nature. Rainforest Yoga Retreat Music.

Play our lovely instrumental Japanese, Chinese, malayalam classical songs of yesudas Tibetan and Indian meditation music for sleep. Calming Sleep Meditation Music Album.

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The serene harmonies and melodies of piano, guitar and flute music can deeply move us and make us feel all these pleasant emotions like joy, love and bliss. Ultra deep and relaxing sleeping ambient ocean waves. Spa Relaxation Music Album. Spa music works great as background music during body massage, holistic reiki treatment, zone therapy and other health and beauty treatments were gentle music is popularly utilized.

Midnight Jazz Lounge Music Mix. If you suffer from sleep difficulties like insomnia and need help to fall asleep fast, delta brain waves are the answer for you.

Play & Download Relaxation Music Albums for Meditation Focus & Sleep
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Chakra Healing Meditation Music Album. Soft Classical Piano Music for Studying. Relaxing Sounds of Nature Album. The calming effect of instrumental music like classical music is well known, the beautiful harmonies give rise to good feelings and body mind relaxation. Calming and soft music give rise to pleasant feelings, which is why we enjoy listening to it.

In addition, we use binaural beats to naturally encourage deep sleep, blissful meditation and laser focus. Chillout Lounge Mixtape Music Album. Mind Body Healing Music Album.

You can play all our music and nature tracks for free and download all your favorite music albums. We only use the best sounds that will leave your mind body and spirit feeling completely at ease and in peacefulness. Whether you prefer to read, meditate or sleep to nature sounds the wonderful feeling and serenity that the sounds make will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Nature sounds are regularly used in this type of recreation music. Daily Meditation Wednesday. Ambient Chill Music Album. Peaceful Loving Kindness Meditation Album. Relaxation music with brainwave entrainment works great on students who need to enhance their focus and concentration on their studies and final exams.

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Meditation Music For Sleep 1 Hour

We have added theta binaural beats to our calm meditation music as mentioned above, for a better meditative practice and a more profound experience. Play free binaural beats and download your favorite meditation sleep music at Music to Relax.

Deep relaxing soothing tranquil ambient soundtrack with the classical harp predictable and smooth. In this website we use three brainwave categories, alpha brain waves for concentration and focus, delta brain waves for inducing deep sleep and theta brain waves for meditation. Her beautiful voice takes you to an inner journey of meditation and healing. Mystery Island -Ambient Music.