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Short chapters make this a quick, fast read. As she continues to feel hopeless, she finally acknowledges that Max is a figment of her imagination and that he died on the raft and she dumped his body in the ocean.

This book has a lot of character development of both Robie and Max. They have to deal with food and water shortages, sharks, the sun, and each other. Shortly after her flight takes off, the plane encounters severe turbulence.

Review copy received from the publisher. Larry attempts a controlled crash on the water, which enables Robie and Max the co-pilot to escape. TheAwesome Pretty good book, but this story has been told many times.

In the morning, she wakes to find the fire doused by rain and that she missed the opportunity to drink as well. She encounters a monk seal who has been fatally injured in a shark attack. Adrift at sea, Robie continues to fend for herself while Max remains unconscious. After her aunt is called to Los Angeles for work, Robie convinces her that she cans stay by herself.

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There are parts of this book where you just have to suspend disbelief. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. She makes her way to the shore and is rescued. She begins to hear waves crashing on shore.

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Robie is frustrating as a protagonist and it is I admit, difficult to root for her at first. She is much more capable then she thought. After locating a Marilyn Monroe lighter, she is able to build a small fire.

It is a story of survival, with lots of suspense. Robbie is most scared of being by herself, or having no one to rely on but herself. Fans of survival stories will really dig it. Unfortunately, things go wrong and the plan crashes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Max helps get Robie out of the water and into the raft. Bodeen, Robie Mitchell is staying with her aunt on Oahu, while taking a break from her life with her parents on Midway Atoll. Partway through the book, Bodeen throws us for a pretty major loop. Beginning to feel increasingly weak, she begins to view her situation as dire.

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While I had issues with Robie, I did find it interesting how resourceful she was. It seemed more like a cheat than an organic part of the story. Larry, the pilot, attempts to fly ahead of the storm front, but the plane loses an engine and begins to experience hydraulic failure. Watching the seal suffer proves too much, and Robie puts the seal out of its misery. When teenager Robie needs to get a quick flight from Honolulu to her home island of Midway, she jumps aboard the next cargo plane.

It certainly adds interest and prevents the story from descending into boring stretches of Robie just sitting on the raft twiddling her thumbs. When the raft begins to take in water, Robie must face her fears of water and sharks to repair the raft.

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If you can do that, it's a decent read. On the contrary, steven r mcqueen dating list I read it in a single sitting and it seemed very action-oriented to me.