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Accountants function like that! And before the scene she wants to know what the character is about, the back story, what is going on in her head, etc. Since Talaash is a serious suspense drama, how was the mood on sets? So, for me my sensibility and my aesthetics are the more important things when I am directing a film. How much are you looking forward to Talaash entering the Rs crore club?

And to manage a casting coup of sorts too, with Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji in the same film, is indeed a cause for celebration. Also there is not a lot of conflict, because part of why we decided to write together is because we share a similar aesthetic and sensibility. They both have different processes, but ultimately what matters is when the camera turns on. Was it easy to convince Aamir to do the film?

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But rarely do you meet a person who has seen the film and liked it. Everyone should be able to release their films without any pressure from anyone, is what I believe in.

But you know, they put your quote at the end and they make it feel like it is nothing. And there were no creative differences between us.

But usually he is a crazy prankster, to be frank with you! What about your movie influences? So he would pick that up, and suddenly when someone was working, he would go and blow it in their ears.

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And also, more and more women are making mainstream commercial cinema. In all the stories that came out, a few reporters actually called me. In my case, the fact that I had actors who are also superstars only helped and empowered me.

The Life And Times Of Reema Kagti

And while climbing down, I got stuck. And during the tournament I got an sms from Ritesh Sidhwani asking where I was, and that Aamir had agreed to meet to discuss the film within one hour. And these love stories are a bit boring for me.

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But getting to your question - obviously Hindi cinema has inspired me in my formative years. It is also great to work with him as a producer.

Rani is used to doing a lot of practice before she does a scene. We were quite focused on sets, but not at all morose or super serious. Because if I name one, the other will come and kill me!

Is the industry ready for women as directors? That hardly matters while directing. Was it tough directing an actor as big as Aamir Khan? In fact, I have actually worked with Amitabh on Lakshya, but he was so busy on shoots that I never got a chance to talk to him properly.

The outspoken director is confident about her story. And I clarified that it was not true. And both of them seem to have terrific control over their art. Who is your favorite actor?

But one day, as they went out, I snuck into the courtyard and climbed it. What is it like, being a woman and directing a very masculine suspense drama? And more and more women directors are coming up. How different were their working styles, and who did you enjoy directing?

But even when I and Zoya were writing the film, we had Aamir in mind. You and Zoya have written a number of films together. So I never feel in conflict with Zoya. This was during the time he was shooting for Ghajini. What about working with two big heroines, is ellen page married or dating Kareena and Rani?

But I also watch world films now. Before me, Farah Khan has done it, and done it very well.

But I feel that with how long Aamir normally takes, I got away quite easily. So any good film, I will enjoy. See, I am a knee-jerk liberal. Any conflict between you two when it comes to writing? From the time Aamir has come on, he has been extremely supportive of the script, and has helped me make it into a film.

Sure, Aamir most of the times puts on a very serious air. While Kareena - she has a completely different approach. So, yes, I hope some day I can direct him. If you compare them both, then Rani is the front bencher, and Kareena is the proverbial back bencher! What happened was that it was the monsoon, and in the house where we were staying, there was this big guava tree at the edge of our garden.