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Nous avons des relations que vous ne pouvez imaginer dans de nombreux pays au monde entier. We don't have any relatives now whom we can go to all our relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person we have now is Rev.

Hi Firstname, Thanxxs for your mail. When I about it have learned, I did not have time to inform you about it, because I very urgently have left from my city. They look at you as it seems, they talk to you as it seems, but by detailed consideration we make only common phrases.

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With feeling of love, the person does many nonsenses. He has been so kind to me since i became close to him during one of his visitation to the clinic in the camp when i was sick. With huge love to my most charming and beloved angel, from Aleksandra. Hoping to hear from you soonest.

In it a supposedly Canadian company is offering immigration assitance to would-be workers from other countries. They would prefer to die together them daughter. Dear am looking forward to hear from you so that we can discuss on what will be your compersation for this assistace. God bless you as i wait for your call today. Awaiting your urgent and positive response.

And to me it was necessary urgently to leave for other city on funeral. Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have alot to tell you. Omsk - the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Western Siberia having in high social, scientific, industrial potential.

Scam – The penpal scam

When you call tell him that you want to talk with me and he will send for me at the females hostel. How was your night hope fine. Your's lovely, Are you sick of spam too? For me it is impossible, as I earn the salary dollars per one month.

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The people so strongly are in the ideas and problems, that sometimes it is very difficult to knock up to consciousness of other man. Today here is perfect day and there is a lot of to people in streets of city.

My mum also speaks me, that I should be more cautious with the feelings. Excuse, that I have given vent to you to my soul today, but I would want that you knew it. Sometimes we meet with friends, we discuss, as has passed the day, interesting histories, jokes etc.

When we interfere in someone's life, becoming the friends or beloved, we carry huge responsibility for an emotional condition and further behaviour those with whom we communicate. You too can not tell, that I - your ideal.

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And this uncertainty excites me even more. Dear am solicating your assistance to help me transfer this money out of this country for my life sake while i will come to meet you to continue my education in your country. Very much to like me my work as it responsible and from it depends health of people.

The slight difference in Sofiya's technique compared to other scammers was that she answers questions in detail. On work I study biotransformation of medicinal substances in organism, biochemical mechanisms, actions of medical products in clinical practice. You know, when I have decided to begin acquaintance through the Internet, I thought about myself. In this camp we are only allowed to go out only on mondays and fridays of the weeks. Have a nice day and think about me.

My name is suzzy ebe am from ivory coast in west Africa and presently iam residing in the refugee camp here in dakar as a result of the civil war going on in my country. He is the pastor of the christ the king church in the refugee camp here in dakar senegal. Mine here is very hot and like you know we are living in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal. As i told you in my previous mail, coletivo de flores yahoo dating iam presently living in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the death of my parents. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilledge to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.

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It was like a dream coming true, when i received your letter today that you sincerely want to help me. My favourite language is english but our language is french but i speak english very fluently.

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It was only my brother and me that is alive now and we managed to make our way to near by country Senegal where we are leaving now. You're such good, such lovely, Dave! God will protect and reward you for taking care of an orphan and i will equally reciprocate your kind gestures to me. At leisure, I like to go to cinema, theatre to look teleshow.

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The main reason why I am contacting you now is to seek your assistance in the area of my future investment and also for a help hand over some huge amount of money in my possession. You became very dear to me and I would like to develop our attitudes on a way of mutual understanding and respect. And I shall wait for the letter from you with impatience.