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Meanwhile, Myers was too possessive, insisting that all assessments be hand-graded. She seemed to do a good job with her daughter Isabel, and other parents soon sought her advice. Unless I am actually extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. Follow Katrina Gulliver on Twitter. After the s, the focus shifted to being the right thing.

But that basement operation figured out how to turn the test into a goldmine. She continued working to perfect the evaluation, trying it on friends and neighbors. Businesses like Hay's tapped into this new market, promising to help identify the best candidates. Aptitude and intelligence testing could, in theory, help employers hire those most suited to a job.

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But not many scientists take it seriously. It would help us know ourselves, uncritically.

Earlier self-improvement ideas, like those of Dale Carnegie, focused on doing the right thing. People simply had different traits that suited them for different roles. The first half of The Personality Brokers is slow, with rather dilatory explorations of the lives of the two women. But the commercial Myers-Briggs test came later, and it was far more her daughter's achievement.

She never really managed that last task. The answers were too subjective, the supposed traits being diagnosed too vague.

In The Personality Brokers, Merve Emre explores how, precisely, internet dating johannesburg south africa this variety of psychobullshit rune-gazing was born. We don't get to the Myers-Briggs test itself until halfway through the text. Emre wasn't the only one attending the counseling course.

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By this time, Myers was aging and in poor health. Her husband was an attorney, and she happened to know Edward Northup Hay, one of the first personality consultants in the United States. The test's creators and intended audience are people best described as affluent and anxious.

But the knowledge is a mirage. Neurolinguistic programming and self-hypnosis suggested that we could change ourselves. Fewer corporations use the Myers-Briggs test now, although it lingers in various corners of the human resources world. Whatever any of that means.

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Later, it became part of the battery of tests used by researchers at Berkeley in the s studying the nature of creativity. Unsurprisingly, given who they were made for, the assessments tended to show a lot of overlap between those two categories. Reading through the questions is like looking at a script for a cold reading. This cultish approach only reinforces the sense that what's behind the curtain is bunk.

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This was a new market for such tests, which previously had only been sold to organizations, with the answer sheets sent back to the publisher for grading. Every answer could apply to everyone to some degree, possibly changing depending on mood. This book is a useful study of how a dubious idea can gain traction if it arrives at the right time.