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Private servers, free servers, game servers, powerful servers. Digg Facebook StumbleUpon. Many complain they can't find our Discord so I put it here with some extra flair so you can't miss our partnered Discord server.

Always keep your bot up to date. Bet he's also cumming each morning on his old printed screenshot albums.

There is a file in your Silkroad folder called SilkErrSender. This subreddit is night mode compatible. You can find our channel here. So, please, use at your own risk!

For any inquiries or additions, feel free to message the moderators. Buy silk, leave some on your account to play it safe.

Keep that up to date as well. Character and Pet pick-up control. You got the concept wrong, algo sro gameplay is clunky nowadays. Use a new account to avoid ban.

It has been here for years. Character and Pet auto-potting with Char emergency vigor poting.

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Might tempt me back for a bit. This game was awesome so I hope it is going to be good like good old times. Movie makes wanna puke as well. Lmao i had to do a double take when i read the title.

My opinion on this bot is that it beats pay-to-use bots hands down, I know this because I have bought bot cards in the past so I know first hand just how this bot compares to other bots. Autotraining with all options. It's better off just playing on lower cap private servers.

Probably the one of the worst mmo communities today. And a never ending stream of bots was pouring out of the spawn point.

Before I get started on the actual aspect of the bot, lets talk about some measures to avoid being detected or banned. Every game has to earn money for developers. Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly. If you keep your bot current, you are less likely to get banned. Multiclient botting is asking to be banned and is more detectable than any single client bot, so if possible, stay away from multiclient botting.

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Now its time for the second part, I want you guys to go and make a shortcut of Ibot. Extract iBot to desktop Well, ou se melodi gabel basically it is in. Using iBot from start to finish. The one time I did try legit silkroad online I was baffled. Server will be in Europa so no lags any more.

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They are mostly toxic, scammer or immature. Do u remember the good old times with trade-runs, non-botters and so on? The pro version has more features than free, including loop function.

Game was legit back then but the community is so bad overall. Hi, it is unbelievable but it is true. Or in some cases you voted for them. Kind of people who u do not notice when they left world.

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Due to this being StealthLite, we have limited the functions, here is a list of the available functions. Good old times are gone on current official server but not on some private servers. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It is they way they are supposed to be.

What s Going On

Look at Joymax they do not care about anything except money. They really have no proof, just assumptions. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

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Yet I will never forget the people who played with me back then in Redsea, good old times. This way your botting experience is maximized. Weekly Scheduled Discussions. Discord We have a Discord! If you are able to test the bot, Silkroad will be started.