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Tv stars are given awards according to their perfomance and role in Serial. As destiny would have it, Navya starts loving Anant, a boy from a conventional and conformist family. The serial was first aired in the year on star plus. Kasauti Zindagi Ki, produced by Balaji Telefilms and is yet another daily soap opera which is aired on Star plus. The female lead of this Star Plus serial, Navya, prado wallpaper won the hearts of the youth.

With nice story, excellent background music and awesome songs sung by singers like Kailash Kher the serial has got a good response. It was a new concept and something different from normal daily soaps in India.

Sandhya will not be able to finish her graduation. But, at last, they had to chose a normal life to lead after their operation and they were separated finally. The story is about the selfless love between Taani and Anurag. Baa is Hetal and Kokila's mother-in-law and everyone loves and respects her. Chandini dreams of going to Bombay.

One thing that makes these serials very impactful is their title songs. The serials show of romantic chemistry between the lead actors became an instant hit on television.

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Rightfully so, as the tune is mystifying and romantic in every way. But, she had to undergo many tragedies when she understood the value of relationships. Because of the story flow of this ladli story, it managed to reach to this destination in a very short time with compare to other tele-dramas telecasted in a similar capacity. Ambar was a famous singer and Dhara was a famous student.

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She is very identifiable with the infancy of India. In a word, though she was possessive and naughty, she had to see many ups and downs in her life with the flow of time. It is repeated from time to time on other Star Channel like Star Utsav also.

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However, he was saddened by the fact that it will be impossible to win her heart because her mother, Sulochana, vowed that she will find a rich and well-educated husband for her. It Comes Every Year with a bash. They have accepted it as a part of life and try to find happiness in the margins. But, in spite of that he had to see many tragedies and at last his own brother was against him. These are just some of the ingredients that make Ishqbaaz a lively and dramatic serial.

The legendary Kailash Kher and Himani Kapoor composed the wondrous track, making it even more special. The serial maintained the top spot on the list of top ten drams of Indian entertainment for good one year. Guddu and Gudiya are coming to conquer the minds of the audience. It is the law of the universe that balance changes when something new comes in touch with something old and set in its way.

Situations lead her to do job with the India Calling, the leading call centre. Their father puts a condition to distribute the property if both the families stay under single roof. Like every girl if this age, she also dreamt of some charming and handsome prince would come and take her to his kingdom. She takes tuitions for college students and is happy with the world.

Kokilaben Modi is a strong willed woman whose dream is to become a mother-in-law and rule over her daughter-in-law. Shilpa Rao sang the song in her captivating vocals. Chandni lands up into Mumbai for searching her sister.

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Through this attempt the creative team has successfully portrayed the fate of the rural Indian women who still suffer in the name of power and greed. The show used to tell the story of the married couple of Sumit and Kumkum Wadhwa, but in an earlier episode, Kumkum was shot, and in that Sumit killed himself. But, they both were much different from each other. The main theme is around the story that two lovers never meet inspire their souls love each other deeply. Nisaa, originally from Kenya, is keenly enthusiastic to learn new cultures.

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One of such serials which have helped all to get familiar with the atrocities carried out on women is Na Aana is Des Lado. The series title song also talks about this alienated love tale which is endless despite all pain. The show and its title song is positioned at no. The title song talks about the bondage of the two souls that will be remain together come what may because of the pure relation they have with each other. These particular songs capture the plot, themes and relationships of the series in a magical way.

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Bhakter Bhagavaan Shri Krishna. She is from a village and he mother is the only one working in house to earn money as her father has passed away.

Arnav and Khushi have completely contradictory ideologies. The producer of the Serial is Rajan Shahi.

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