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A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

Narsingh Agnish Collection to Anupama Mr. But I think it needs to be improved. Your father is one of my most favorite singers of all time! Narsingh Agnish Collection to Faraar Mr. With warm and loving regards.

Talat Mahmood fist time when he gave performance with Mr. Also I want to hear the bengali film songs sung by the legend singer Obviously the original soundtrack. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Aabroo Mr. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Malik Mr. As a suggestion why not have the words of the songs sung by Talat Saheb.

Tu Mane Bhagwan ringtone download

He used to sing difficult songs with such ease that every other would feel that he too can sing his numbers but when you try then you realise how difficult is to sing his numbers. Your site helped me to get such rare songs which I did not hve. All his songs are melodious. It has been very informative for a person like me who is from the present generation and never had the oppurtunity of listening to Talat live. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Umang Mr.

Narsingh Agnish Collection to Taqdeer Mr. It is on the history of Vande Matram.

Tu Mane Bhagwan Ek Bhajan with Lyrics in English

May Allah give him eternal peace. There were so many of those songs which one never finds anywhere else.

Dance as sex, Son of Hatimtai! Narsingh Agnish Collection to Amardeep Mr.

The site is a great creation. His voice has something unique in it.

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Khalid, What a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest singers the sub-continent has ever known! Why dont you start a club fans of your father where we can share ideas, songs and thoughts of Talat Sahab? His Gazals have extrodinary power to induce a sense of enjoyment out of sadness and lonliness. Very kind of you Khalid Sahab to share your songs as unconditional love of your father, of whom i ve been fan for ages. Allahdad Khan Collection Lata Mr.

Tu Mane Bhagwan Ek Bhajan with Lyrics in English

Can you please write me any other site where I can hear his songs. Khalid you have really done a great job for making a website for talat lovers. The entire audience remained in their seats though it rained well.

Narsingh Agnish Collection to Shararat Mr. We cherish that memory still. Khalid mehmood sb how are you and yours family, yours dady is my favorite singer so i miss him very much. He made a post about it on his world-famous Geeta Dutt blog.

Very humble and noble man. Daroghaji Songs and Photos from Dushman Mr. Gul-e-Bakawali Panjabi film.

Who can forget the following songs that made him immortalized in Hindi Film Songs. Meenaxi by Mrs Kamla Kotnis. Please email me back for my home adress. Khalid Bhai you have done a wonderful job of creating a fantastic site.

Hope you continue to sing and serenade your listeners, since you have your Father's voice. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Munimji Mr. The voice you here on most of these commemoratives is that of Vish Krishnan, the doyen of our group, a sample of his postings is here. Allahdad Khan Collection Misc females Mr. Tribute to Khurshid Anwar.

Tu Mane Bhagwan ringtone download

Allahdad Khan Collection Various Mr. It was just by chance I reached this site, and have read everything and still wanting more. Lata first song picturization, Narsingh Tunes. That velvet feel in his voice and emotions straight from the heart is a combination few can beat or touch. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Zindagi Mr.

Allahdad Khan Collection Poets Mr. Every song sung by Talatji is superb, i am an ardent fan of him.

It reminds me of happy days in Calcutta. That was Talat Mahmood's introduction to me. Professionally I am a banker.

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Is it possible to play any song from the Songs List of Talat Sahib? Feedbacks Leave Your Feedback. Lekin Main kuch Rare gaane ya ghazal pana chahta hoon, Kya main Aap se help ki ummid kar sakta hoon. Legacy of many other singers is carried ahead by their imitators, to mobiles but Talat is only one and will remain only one forever.

A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

Narsingh Agnish Collection to Sanjog Mr. Narsingh Agnish Collection to Jaal Mr.

Let me congratulate you on doing such a great job to keep the glory of Talat Sahib alive. Allahdad Khan Collection More Lata? Thank you and all the best. But on thing is clear that I alwways like to sing in talats styl.