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As he tries to protect his disciple Qi Ling, he uncovers an earth-shattering secret. The whole thing is boring. The story is extremely interesting and the plot is fast paced. But the only thing is, the subtitles.

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They say age is but a number, but is it really? The martial arts scenes are quite breathtaking to watch. Roikaew sacrificed her college tuition to get married with the head sheriff because he saved her father's life from a gang who uses drugs. Drama talk aside, hope real life gets better for you soon.

Also see our Chinese drama recommendations. Just popping in, hollywood movie step up 3 songs Chinese Drama has so many great stories. Best historical Chinese drama. Here is our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations.

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They never fully tied the parts together. And what's with the beer making while wearing those horrible cloaks? And Chu Ke Huan is also planning to tie the knot with the beautiful woman he thinks he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He enjoys happy days with his girlfriend Yoon Shi Wol, but he has a near-death experience. Third is a filmology major and a member of the Savage team along with his best friends Too, Bone, and Kai, but he has a secret.

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Win a Japanese Snack box today! Hu Bing Qing as Qing Feng. First off, the pool party and how they do it?

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. My taste is very suspect nowadays. Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai Ploy Jone Thai Drama - Roikaew sacrificed her college tuition to get married with the head sheriff because he saved her father's life from a gang who uses drugs. She should be with Ye Hua.

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In crime and in life, all contact leaves a trace. Especially nowadays, there are really good dramas but you have to wait a few months to watch it with subs. The second part was like a whole different story. Now I don't know what to watch next. But then again, I was the one who liked Princess Agents at least the initial episodes.

If yes, I have a list for that too. Not European, but that typical American get drunk kind of party, we don't do that here in Belgium. Although he appears to be the perfect man on the outside, his personality leaves something to be desired. And I see some few dramas of yang zi and deng lun, played together.

Not enough episodes devoted to overall plot progression. That said, you may be in the minority but you are not alone even though I still can't comprehend haha. Sameeeee i thought i am the only one. There's no fixed time because I usually update as and when I come across something.

And he's the ideal boyfriend material. The main actor is Xing Zhao Lin. He later becomes the conqueror of Asadal, capital of Gojoseon, taking it from city-state to empire. Some maybe heavy but still you will get hook to it. So I suspect the problem is me, and the rest of you are right.

Ever Night is my new obsession and strongest drama I have seen this year. Translating Chinese novels. Top Actors Add New Person. If you would like to contribute your thoughts on a certain drama, contact us with a short writeup and we can include it directly in the post below.

So i started became interested in Cdrama because of Ten Miles of Peach Blossom which my friend had recommended me to watch. Fuyao was my other favorite. He's my absolute favorite character and I want Bai Qian to stay far away from him.


Third has been secretly in love with his Kai for years. Seeing the list makes me realize the tons of dramas this year that I missed this year and this is an understatement. Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring? Nevertheless, its all good.

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Kim Yoo Wol became an orphan and he was raised by foster parents. This drama tells the story of Ding Junjie, the deputy general manager of a cosmetics company, and Ying Jiaming, the son of the cynical chairman of the board.